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Cleaning supplies

Barringtons Cleaning Limited

0333 023 0403

Our top 3 criteria

To ensure we never run out of supplies for our customers our warehouse in Knowsley is well stocked with a range of cleaning products from leading suppliers. We also have a stock of dispensers to hold paper products such as hand towels, mini jumbo toilet rolls and hand soap. 

We continue to test cleaning products from our suppliers to ensure they deliver the best results. We test on the basis they meet the following criteria:

  • Safety
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Performance

Our dedicated and expert staff are our barometer for knowing what is working because using the best products makes their life easier too. 

Specialist cleaning services

Carpet cleaning

Window cleaning

High level cleaning

Pressure washing

Property cleaning

Get in touch with us either by phone on 0333 023 0403 or via the form below…

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