High level cleaning

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Specialist high level cleaning from licensed I.P.A.F operatives

If you have window cleaning, pressure washing, facia signs, high level girders. Unless regular cleaning is arranged, all of the above could become unsightly or weathered if located on the exterior.

Our high level cleaning package includes:

• Access equipment e.g. Scissor Lifts & Booms (Cherry Pickers)
• Harnesses, Lanyards & Fall Arrest Blocks
• Trained Labour
• Health & Safety Equipment
• Risk Assessments
• Cleaning materials
• Clear-up staff at ground level
• Ground Level Safety Staff

Most High Level Cleans are undertaken during a shut-down, holiday, or weekend. Barringtons Cleaning can create a package tailored to suit your needs. Call us on 0333 023 0403 to book an appointment now. 

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